TOKİ & Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality
68.000 m²

TOKİ (Housing Development Administration) & Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Tabakhane Valley Urban Transformation Project

The Tannery Valley is located in the center of Trabzon city, on the 68.000 m² area to the east of the historical Ortahisar Castle.

Zağnos and Tabakhane streams are valleys that will provide breathable air circulation of Trabzon city and have fulfilled these duties in the past historical process and urban development.

However, the phenomenon of rapid urbanization, distorted construction and shanty houses in Trabzon, as in our country, also manifested itself in these valleys. The valleys have become slum and become one of the most densely populated areas.

In the Tabakhane Valley Urban Transformation Project, the transformation of the unhealthy urban environment caused by the distorted structure and the elimination of negative reflections on the urbanite, and the creation of an open space that provides various contributions to the city and the city dwellers are aimed.