We are Who are we?

VAR Design Studio is a firm that is always one step ahead of change, aims to establish itself at the global level with its innovative staff and carries out a wide range of projects and implementations in the field of landscape architecture and urban design at home and abroad, ranging from sub-scales such as residential gardens to recreational or urban areas over 1.000.000 m².

Our vision

We create the attractive, permanent and sustainable landscape areas of tomorrow by strengthening the relationship between nature and people through our designs, which are shaped in the light of land conditions and user needs by considering the environmental, economic, aesthetic and functional needs.


We carry out the projects in which the needed green and living spaces in the dense construction process are designed and managed by supporting bio-diversity, having ecological concerns and producing solutions to existing green infrastructure problems for the safety, health, comfort and communication of the society, as well as the protection of natural and cultural values of space.


In order to build the sustainable and healthy cities of the future, we implement the projects that aim to increase the quality of space, to create livable spaces meeting today's needs by taking into account the socio-ecological dimension of the urban space and preserving the character and original identity of space.


We design the unique cultural, functional, technical and aesthetic structures and physical environments with our innovative and ecological approaches in order to facilitate human life and enable them to continue their activities.

Our Design Approach

Our projects with functional, creative and aesthetic value that meet the needs of users are designed by experienced architects, landscape architects and consultants. We also include the ecological design criteria such as rain gardens, green roof solutions, green infrastructure systems, and the use of recycled materials in our projects. We believe that our cooperation with our stakeholders from different professional disciplines increases the value of our projects.

Projects of Different Scales
Projects of Different Scales
We face the challenges of working in different project areas and scales ranging from sensitive ecosystems to ever-changing urban areas.
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
We are shaping our designs by talking to each other in the context of environmental and economic conditions of the area in order to satisfy our customers.
Environmental and Economic Conditions
Environmental and Economic Conditions
We have started our activities by considering the potential and limits of the field and continue by overlapping the needs programs of our customers and the realities of the field.
Fulya Peyzaj
In addition to the project design services we have provided for many years within the body of our first company, Fulya Peyzaj, which we laid the foundations of in January 1992, we also have a 40.000m² nursery that has been actively serving since its establishment. It has been in the ornamental plants sector for 30 years, and as a result of its founding partner being an academician and its plans and predictions for the future, it has been mass producing the Ginkgo biloba (Temple Tree)...