This position has been opened for full-time landscape architects who will take part in the construction site staff of our company in landscaping applications. The minimum requirements for the position are outlined below.

  • At least 5 years of landscaping experience
  • Graduated from the Architecture department of universities,
  • It will undertake the coordination of the Application Projects between the head office, the architectural office and the field,
  • Able to use MS Office, AutoCad programs at a good level,
  • Having knowledge of application projects and detail solutions,
  • Able to solve point details in coordination with consultants, authors and application teams,
  • Having knowledge of building materials and application details,
  • Having the experience to control the interdisciplinary (architectural, static, electrical, mechanical, landscape) project harmony and to provide coordination between the authors,
  • Ability to lead/manage a team
  • High communication ability
Office Experience
Programs You Can Actively Use